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Bonjour from Paris!

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Things are cool and sunny here in Paris. My first meal was cheese (including a Saint Million that was amazing), crusty bread and a fine bordeaux. It doesn't get much better! If anyone has a restaurant suggestion, let me know!

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Ahh... Paris. How long will you be there? Warmly, Lizzie Marie Cuisine feeding body & soul
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I'll be here for 8 days. That's alot of cheeeeeeese to eat.
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you must go to the restaurant gosteau's i guess - the one they have shown in the movie ratatouille Bon Appetite!
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I'll let you know when I find it!
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Hope you read where I sent you great restaurants of various price rages and the absolute must visit chef's store. I use to visit Paris several times a year on business, and our kids went to school in Tououse-love France, besides I am part French thus the name. Mary-Anne-she was/is on the French Franc. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Bonjour From Paris!