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About the Ifood Journey

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My Food is Fun submission...

:) Nikko

Also Known as: Food Is Fun - Nikko
Happy go lucky ifood tv and its people. A brief gander on some fun food times and not so foodie times. A look at some of our favorite presenters, just for old times sake. Good song by the way.

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good one, but not funny enough!
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I agree, not funny enough, but fun. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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I think it's funny. Also goes with the theme of the contest. Linda
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Love the cows!
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Good fun. 46 votes! I just gave mine. You have 47 now!
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I've been paying people off to vote lol.... :) Nikko
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also for your invites...:)
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This one is my fav... She put a lot of effort into it...
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Nice One !! The Guacamole man lol :) The Tortilla Guy
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I liked that one Guacamole Man... At least Guac goes with Tortillas... :) Nikko
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