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My New Little Herb Garden ;O)

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One of
the things I really missed when I decided to move out on my own was
being able to go outside and snip the herbs I needed for cooking or
just making a nice relaxing tea. I had forgotten how spoiled I felt by
only using fresh herbs and enjoying their fresh aroma while I chopped
them up or boiled them in water for some tea. We always had cilantro,
hierba Buena, oregano, basil, ruda, chilis, lemon/lime trees, nopales,
tomatoes, etc…. Pretty much anything that was used for cooking and
could grow in a back yard we had readily available. Then when I moved
out on my own, all of that was taken away :O(. I didn’t realize how
much I missed it until I would start to make something to eat and the
cilantro I bought a couple of days ago had started to wilt. Not good at
all! I found myself going to the store almost 4 or 5 days out of the
week just to make sure what I used was fresh.

So, it’s new year and I thought
to myself enough, was enough. I decided to go to the garden center and
buy one of those large individual pots and try to grow my own little
apartment garden. Despite not having much of a green thumb, I cannot
cook any longer without freshly picked herbs. Three years of that is
long enough! I admit a slight feeling of joy buzzed through my little
tummy as I walked down each isle looking for all the herbs my grandma
used to grow in her garden… cilantro, oregano, spicy oregano (yes I
LOVE oregano), mint, rosemary, chives, parsley, and basil. I felt like
a kid in a candy store sniffing every herb, making sure I was picking
out the best of the best. As I was driving home, I could not stop
smiling and taking in deep breaths smelling my own little piece of
heaven. I placed them right outside our balcony where they can get lots
of fresh air and sunshine. Now all I have to do is reach outside our
sliding door to snip whatever it is I need. I am sooo excited about
this. Finally, my own little herb garden… not THAT kind of herb garden.
Be nice!!! ;O)

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My New Little Herb Garden ;O)