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Food at 'Jama Masjid'

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On the eve of Eid, we went to Jama Masjid (Delhi) at midnight. As expected, the area was brightly lit, the atmosphere was festive. The ambience outside Jama Masjid has always intrigued me. I've been there quite a few times, especially for inexpensive but absolutely authentic Mughlai food. This time I managed to click a few decent pics, of course, only after I had eaten some extraordinary non veg fare. The trip brought back memories of the visits we made to the walled city whenever we wanted to gorge on kababs n tikkas.

The festive atmosphere opposite Jama Masjid

Lalu Kababi (in the background is the Jama Masjid)


Sharib (Khau Khan) took me to Lalu Kababi several years ago. It was also my first visit to the Jama Masjid area. Since then I've been there on many occasions. The reasons for my frequent visit were 1. The guy makes excellent kababs and tikkas...and 2. The kababs are REALLY CHEAP...they cost 3 Rs. each!

The legendary Karim's. Unfortunately, got shut for the day just as we arrived.

A couple of shops ahead of Karim's is this place that has only 2 dishes on it's menu-Chicken Fry and Fish Fry (the best I've eaten). He's popular especially for the unique chutney and masala powder that he sprinkles over the chicken.

You could have seen 'halvais' make 20-30-50 may be 100 kachauris in one go. Ever seen 800 being prepared together in one huge 'kadhai'? What amazed me was that first lot (and it takes less than 15 minutes to deep fry one lot) was already sold off by the time the next 800 were ready!


The Kachauri seller's ornaments were an instant eye catcher...they definitely helped the 'kachauri' sales!

A boy buys milk from a man selling it out of a contrainer so large, the kid could actually take a swim in it. The camera angle may not accurately depict the size but this was extremely huge! The cylinder in the middle is filled with ice and is used to cool the surrounding milk!

A boy selling rings...2 Rs. each!

A perfume seller. We bought 2 small bottles for Rs. 10 each...Love the smell.

'Shahi Tukda'-a bread pudding...heavy but bloody tasty...extremely tempting.

'Phirni' on an ice block. The depression caused by the earthen cups makes for a 'cool' picture.

Meanwhile, it's 1 a.m. and this barber (in one of the gullies at Jama Masjid) goes on with his 'daily' business.

In another gully, the chicken await their turn at the butcher's. Afterall, it's 'Eid' and everyone's out to feast. But then, it's also quite late...tonight may just be a close shave.

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Snigdha's picture
Awesome coverage of the Jama Masjid Area
A nice blog,spl for me . These connect me with my birthplace.
shantihhh's picture
Fabulous blog. BTW for those outside India 56 INR to 1 Euro 39.5 INR to the US$ (it has slipped a bit) 80.7 INR to 1.00 GBP Shanti/Mary-Anne
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks Shanti, for the currency conversion...
LizzieMarieCuisine's picture
I have to say that some of the blogs on iFood offer amazing opportunities for me to teach Lizzie about other regions of the world. These pictures (along with other blogs) are gorgeous. We enjoy *seeing* other cultures and learning about them here on iFood. Thank you for your contributions. Warmly, Doreen Lizzie Marie Cuisine feeding body & soul
shantihhh's picture
Lizzie Marie might also enjoy the Discovery HD feed. Andrew (10) and Tiffiny (8) love watching the programs on India, Thailand, etc. They watch them over and over. It is very important for kids to learn of other cultures for sure! Shanti/Mary-Anne
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
great blog ...nice coverage of Id Festival!
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks Ganesh. Your coverage of Eid and Navratra have been extremely informative.
veerpradeep's picture
Really Nice Blog.....
khau.khan's picture
excellent blog and amazing pics. cant wait to see a video of this place - i have spent many nights eating at lalu kabai - it was rupees 2 for one seekh kebab!! this is one of the best places in the world! Bon Appetite!
CookingMyWay's picture
As always Vikas, great photos and blog!
foodwanderer's picture
amazing! i didnt know such places existed. thanks
shantihhh's picture
my favourite video on is Shanti/Mary-Anne
vikas.kumar's picture
I went to the link and then realised that your favourite video is the Pav Bhaji video. With the kind of knowledge that only you have, I'm extremely happy to know that you liked it that much.
chintan's picture
that pudding looks yummy... feel like grabing and eating it from the picture..
shantihhh's picture
Vikas When I am in Mumbai next we must hunt up that chap making Pav Bhaji. Your video is tops! Shanti/Mary-Anne
Snigdha's picture
Wow r u getting married. Thats great news. Make sure your fiancee joins ifood too ;)
khau.khan's picture
she is already on ifood - she shot the pav bhaji and the juhu videos in which vikas is the host and helped with editing too. btw, congrats on being the ifoodie of the day ! Bon Appetite!
Snigdha's picture
Ohh thats gr8 to know khau_khan. That would mean we have a gr8 video making couple on ifood!. Thanks for your compliment.
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks Snigdha! Raavi is already a member. We're both new to making videos, but together, with the usual fights, we've managed to shoot some decent stuff...
shantihhh's picture
CONGRATULATIONS to Vikas! November is wedding season, my favourite time in India. We look forward to grea photos and coverage from Khau! Shanti/Mary-Anne
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks...even as a child I knew that whenever I get married, it would be in November. It's definitely the best month weather wise. Delhi is cold but bearable, just the right temperature to allow the guests to wear whatever they want...cover some, reveal some more!
khau.khan's picture
man so you have been thinking long for getting married !! and yeah wear some and reveal some - by the way have you guys checked out this "wish srk a happy birthday campaign" people are wishing him a bday and i think the goal is to get 100,000 messages and print it on a life size birthday card!! i know how many you are going to write Bon Appetite!
rachana.shakyawar's picture
simply indian... keep up the sprit...n rockkk.....wit ur blogg......... celebrate life..
jaala's picture
Jaala Hi, really don't know what to do. Can't seem to upload anything.
moodyfoody's picture
really nice blog post Those Jama Masjid Days and images to good. moodyfoody
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks Moody. Jama Masjid is one of the most interesting places I've ever visited. Though it is very crowded and noisy and the smell of all the poultry, beef, mutton n fish could actually get to you but I fell in love the moment I went there the first time (more than 10 yrs ago). I love the colours, the lights and the very interesting sights...the one I remember most vividly is that of half a dozen goat-heads (blood and all) arranged neatly at a butcher's!
Hi Vikas, U must know here in Karachi all the tradition specially about food and cusines are adopted from Delhi.
vikas.kumar's picture
I'm quite sure. Afterall, Pakistan was a part of India till 1947. I've never been there but i'm sure it retains a lot of 'Delhi' culture...just like you would see a lot of 'Pakistan' here.
Food At 'Jama Masjid'