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Outlandish Traffic Driver Ideas

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Ifood.tvFirst the ground rules.

1. We live in Google's world. For first 2-3 days members will watch and read your content and you will get hits. If you are diligent enough to forward your content via email to your friends and family will get some more hits. However thereafter most of your views will come from people searching through Google. Therefore, it is important to know what people are searching at Google and why will they come to your video, recipe or blog.

2. Like it or not, the entire world in general and America in particular is crazy about celebrities.

Now the Tip

Write about celebrities. Celebrity words get searched 10-100 times more than regular food words on Google. I can bet that a blog on Britney having a dinner with XYZ eating Salamanders will get more traffic than your most thoughtful blog about vanilla food.Here is the trick you don't have to stalk celebrities to get scoop. You don't even need to change you content. Just spice it up with celebrity names. For example a great recipe or video story can be “this is kinda comfort food Angelina will eat after Brad dumps her or this restaurant is where Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston would love to come for their dinner.” Perhaps your USP can be “my recipes are better than Rachel Ray.”

Let me know how it goes, it may take couple of weeks to see the clear results.


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Outlandish Traffic Driver Ideas