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Travelogue - Goa

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Sun, Sea, and Sand are three things which are associated with Goa. Recent incident have given Goa a wrong name, but believe me, if you don’t indulge yourself in something which can land you in trouble then Goa is one of the safest place In India. The people are friendly, helpful and are very good host.

Goan Sunset

Goa is divided in two parts North Goa and South Goa. Both has its advantages and disadvantages. South Goa is wonderful place for shopping because it is less expensive than North Goa, where as North Goa is rich in Hotels and food joints.

I stayed in Goa from 11th of Jan 2010 till 20th of Jan 2010. From 11th till 16th Jan 2010; I stayed in Colmar beach resort, which has Colva beach on one side, and resort premises on the other side.  The location of the place is just awesome, but the service was very poor.  There was no telephone in the rooms, and bathroom was not up to the standard. The resort manager Mr. Rodricks is a very nice man, he made sure that the guests had minimum of worries.  You can hire cab to visit any place in Goa from numerous taxi stations. I hired Peter’s (+919822902169) cab to take me to other tourist destination. He is a very nice person, and also acted as our guide.

About the food on colva beach, you will not find many food joints in colva as compared to Calungute, but if you are on colva then try eating in Bob’s shack. The food is good, and very reasonable.

On 16th Jan 2010, I left with Peter to see Ancestral Goa, spice farm and Old Goa, and then he dropped me to Calangute for our next stage of Goan trip.

Ancestral Goa is based on history and culture of Goa which was ruled by Portuguese. The entry ticket cost me Rs 150/- , in that they gave me guide and welcome goan drink.

After the great trip of ancestral Goa, we headed towards the Spice farm, it is owned by Sakari brothers, and spread across 130 acres of land, and for tourist only one acre of land is open. There I learnt that how spices are grown and which spice is good for treating illness. One should visit the place to learn how much Mother Nature has to offer to us. We also learned how the famous goan alcohol (Fenny) is made from kashu nuts (Kaju). Per person ticket charge was Rs 400/- which included Guide charges, welcome drink and lunch.

After having my lunch in Spice farm, I left for Old Goa. Old Goa is situated in North Goa, and it is famous for the Church of St. Francis of Assisi and Se Cathedral. The Body of St. Francis of Assisi is still kept in the church.  The church complex at old Goa draws a large number of people from all over the world.

The sun was setting and dusk has broken through, I was heading towards my next guest house in Calungute, This Guest house is situated on Calungute near kamat holiday homes. This is a family run guest house, and it is very reasonable and clean. The calungute beach is just 3 minute away from this guest house. The rooms are very neat and clean. They are entertaining customer from last 30 years. The rooms have all the facilities which one looks for.

19th Jan 2010 was my last night in Goa, so I wanted to have a luxurious diner. I headed to one of the best food joints of Goa,“OVER THE FLAMES”. The menu of this place is simply great as it is self explanatory and has variety of continental and Indian cousins. They have huge range of cocktail and mocktials to choose from. The ambience is simply irresistible and music will take you to another world. The manager Mr. Gorge and his team made sure that having diner in this out of this world restaurant was worth the money.

Here are some of the pictures of my Goan adventure. I hope you will love them, and will visit Goa yourself to experience beauty of the place yourself.

Below:- (A evening on Calungute beach: Calungute:North Goa).

A evening in Goa

Below :- (Dusk is breaking through: Calungute Beach: Calungute:North Goa).

Goan Beach

Below :- (An Old Goan House (Portuguese Style) in Ancestral Goa:South Goa).

A utensil for birds to drink water

Below :- (Open River side Goan Casino: Panjim:North Goa).

A goan casino

Below :-  (A Goan Ferry : Panjim:North Goa).

A goan ferry

Below :- ( A Goan Fishing Board, Anchored in Sea: Colva beach:Colva:South Goa).

 A goan fishing boat

Below :- (An old Goan House with utensil for birds to drink water: Ancestral Goa:South Goa).

A goan House

Below :- (A Goan kite, complementing the Sky).

A goan kite

Below :- ( Goan Musical instruments).

Goan musical instruments

Below :- (Goan Shack in night : Colva beach:Colva:South Goa).

Goan shacks in night

Below :- (Colva beach:Colva:South Goa).

A goan beach

Below :- (Goan style of bathing on elephant : Spice farm:South Goa).

Goan style bathing

Below :- (Goan style of bathing on elephant : Spice farm:South Goa).

Goan style of bathing 1

Below :- (Calungute beach : Calungute:North Goa).

Goan sun beds

Below :- (Sunset on Calungute beach: Calungute:North Goa).

Goan sunset

Below :- (Sunset on Calungute beach: Calungute:North Goa).

Goan sunset1

Below :- (Water sports in Calungute : Calungute Beach:North Goa).

Goan water sports

Below :- (Water sports in Colva : Colva Beach:South Goa).

Goan water sports 1

Below :- (A church: Panjim:North Goa).

Panjim Church

Below :- (Inside St. Francis of Assisi Church: Old Goa:North Goa).

Inside a Goan church

Below :- (Old Goan Wash Basin (Portuguese Style): Ancestral Goa:South Goa).

Old goan wash basin

Below :- (Old Goan Bed (Portuguese Style): Ancestral Goa:South Goa).

Old goan bed

Below :- (Old Goan way of trasportation (Portuguese Style): Ancestral Goa:South Goa).

Old goan way of transportation

Below :- (Old Goan Lawyer office (Portuguese Style): Ancestral Goa:South Goa).

Old goan lawyer office

Below :- (Old Goan Burner for cooking food (Portuguese Style): Ancestral Goa:South Goa).

Old goan burner

Below :- (Old Goan Candle light (Portuguese Style): Ancestral Goa:South Goa).

Old goan candle

Below :- (Sunset in Colva: Colva Beach:South Goa).

Sunset in Goa 1

Below :- (Sunset in Colva: Colva Beach:South Goa).

Sunset in Goa 2


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Travelogue - Goa