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The story behind the Food is Fun Video Contest

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ifood.tvI was chatting with a friend the other day who told that the reason was successful that musicians are passionate people and music is viral. Friends tell friends about great music. He further added that foodies just eat and relax, people hardly tell others about great food sites and food videos are non-viral. Friends, I am out to prove the above mentioned guy and people like him Wrong! Food is Fun. I am passionate about food and I tell all my friends about great recipes, techniques restaurants and chefs. I know that you do too. I challenged Shri to make something viral and he has delivered two great videos. However, I know that there is great production talent and passion for food in our community. So we are launching “ Food is Fun Video Contest” to let you express your love for food and in your own way. Meanwhile enjoy 2 great videos by Shri


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The Story Behind The Food Is Fun Video Contest