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Long Before the Slap Chop

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I was going threw my mom's stuff at her house and I ran into a few
things to share with you. I'll start with these great little choppers.

Long before Vince and his cohorts thought up the Slap Chop my
mother, an probably a lot of other mothers, where using one of these.
I'm not sure what the correct name is but I just call it a chopper.


I remember my mom used it most on strawberries. I'm sure it works on
plenty of other stuff too. I kind of remember mom chopping nuts with
them too.

I'm sure I will get plenty of use from them. One thing for sure,
there is no way Vince's gadget is any easier to clean than these.

I found these too. Not really that unique but I think they will come
in handy for cutting biscuits or puff pastry to place under Seafood


The one on the left is a little corroded but I'm sure with a little extra lubrication it will work fine.

Finally I found these and I thought it would be great fun to stump
my 20 year-old daughter. I laid them out on the table and asked her if
she knew what they were for.


I'm sure most of you know what the are because, to my surprise, she
knew right away. Any body not know? Just post a comment and I'll tell
you what they are for.

Now that I have finally caught up with everything from the holidays
and dealing with my moms house and such.  I should be posting more

Around the first of December I was even toying with the idea of
making a resolution to post twice a week when the new year started. But
you can see where that went.

I can still try though, I hope everyone has a great 2010!

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Long Before The Slap Chop