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Vikas & Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares

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Chef Vikas in Kitchen nightmares


I for one think Vikas did an amazing job coming up with the new menu for Purnima. It was great to see a local star on Ramesy's Kitchen Nightmares. I can't get over how dirty that kitchen was or how poor the manager was. I applaud Vikas for taking the high road and not going negative - when he surly could have!





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I agree with you. Chef Vikas really took the high ground. During an hour full of nightmarish accusation and swearing, Vikas looked like one gentle suave person totally in control. With Regards, Admin
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Chef Vikas is a "class act", a real professional! It was amazing hat a restaurant could be that dirty and disgusting and still be open. Doesn't the NYC healthy Dept o checks? Here the restaurants are checked regularly and ratings posted in the restaurant as well as on the web county by county for all to see. It is a numbering system and we only eat in highly rate restuarants. I did chuckle when Ramsay thought the lamb was pork, and kept thinking oh don't eat that as each thing was served. Food poisoning is no fun! I find Chef Vikas' approach terrific to introduce American palates o he delights of Indian flavours in a subtle way and not to hit them over the head and turn them off. Many people say "oh I don't like Indian food", but I am sure if they ate Chef Vikas' style of Westernized or Fusion Indian cuisine they would love it. It is obvious he is extremely skilled an sensitive to the palates of his customers! Bravo! Steve and I are addicted to flavour and have the issue of convincing Indian and Thai restaurants we do not want faranghi/farang style foods as we want the food "original taste", as they cook for themselves and their families. After so many years of traveling in both India and Thailand we love all the boldness of both cuisines. Steve has never met a curry too spicy or hot including seriously fiery Vindaloos. I take it a notch down but also am into flavours and cook with a heavy masala hand roadsting fresh spices for each dish. Again, I say Bravo for Chef Vikas, and also Chef Ramsay for turning this spot around, and to the owner Mohamad Khan for supporting this huge overhaul and rebuilding of his restaurant.
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If you missed the program it is avaialbe online for viewing:
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Got it set to record. Can't wait to see it out here at 9 PM West Coast time. Suave, wow my mom used to use that word about Clark Gable.
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I'm very happy for Vikas and looks like you're close to making the big screen too with all your food videos!
Vikas & Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares