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Mario Gone?

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MarioI'm sure this is old news to some because it happened back on the 5th of the month but the Food Network dumped Molto Mario and his other shows and in return he split from the Iron Chef show?  All I can say is Dang...  Some 221 episodes of Molto Mario - I had the chance to watch them tape durring a trip to the Food Network studios and they were taping 5-7 of his episodes a day!  That's insaine - I have a hard enough time putting one or two together in a day... 


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Holy crap! I had no idea!
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He was one of the very best. Well, they dumped Ming Tsai a favourite of ours, and Sarah Moulton though not my favourite was excellent. It relly is all about entertainment not cooking. Sad that FoodTV is sliding on quality.
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They really have moved from the focus being on cooking to entertainment. I don't get some of their over produced shows... I like Giada not only as a person and as a chef - Her food is relatively simple but just how many closeups of nothing does one need? You see her in more shots than food? :) Nikko
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Why on earth would they do that? His show rocked!
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:-( Raquel
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Mario who?
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Mario Batali! The big guy with the orange clogs...
Mario Gone?