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Dinner - What did you have?

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So what did you have for dinner?


I went to an Irish Pub with some friends, talked food and ate Fish & Chips. I've reached oil consumption overload... It was good though - not the best here in the greater Jacksonville area, but good...



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:) Nikko
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I had a dozen baked clams and then some...
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I had grilled salmon - we had to bring the grill into the garage because it was raining so hard! Served it with peas and roasted tomatoes. It was yummy!
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I had linguine with crushed red pepper - Angry Linguine - video coming soon...
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Yes fish and chips can easily create oil overload for sure!
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Yesterday I had 2 pasteles with a glass of an ajonjoli drink from a cuchifrito in Spanish Harlem! :-) Raquel
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I had a not so satisfying slice of Domino's pizza tonight. I was at a late meeting and that of all things is what they ordered in... Not that Domino's is bad but once you've made your own pizza - most fail in comparison...
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Calling Prilosec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dinner - What Did You Have?