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Epiphany on First "Second Twelve"

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Today's Run: 12.10m (19.47km)
Run Time: 2:32:08 (12:35/mile or ~7:48/kilometer)
Total Miles to Date: 699.9m (1,126.4km)

Thoughts on the Run:

Everything to this point has felt like "catching up." I've gone major distances - 20 miles - but then had a month hiatus and really started over. It felt great to finally reach a significant distance, which for me is really anything over 2 hours. What was also great is that this run felt good. I might have been a bit slower than before but there was something different. All of my longer runs in the past were painful. Each one was a dreadful period of distracting myself from the pain, stopping and starting several times and just trying to make it through.

So, this was my first "second 12" meaning the first time I've reached 12 miles the second time around ...

Today's run was different. I felt great. I knew I would master it. In fact, there was only one unplanned stop. Halfway through the run I stopped (on purpose) to have a gel shot and drink some extra fluid. Then it was steady run despite grueling uphill a significant part of the way until one last hill that defeated me near the top. So there was one brief walk uphill and then a strong run home.

My "epiphany" was that I don't have to struggle or be miserable on the runs. I can feel how invigorating they are and enjoy them. I had fun, felt the breeze, and really just focused on the enjoyment this time, rather than the pain.

And I didn't feel like I had nothing left. It's good to feel this way because I am doing it right. The only workout I've missed so far was during my planned week of rest and when I had an unexpected trip. The extra distance during the week does make a difference and I believe my "hard" runs (the fast ones on the treadmill) are really helping me hack the harder ones.

So, it feels good.

I woke up and enjoyed a few cups of coffee. My wife cooked her signature biscuits and gravy. They were delicious. It was organic free range pork sausage and soy milk for the gravy. She didn't feel like making biscuits from scratch so those were instant. I needed more carbohydrate and fuel for the run so I had a slice of whole grain toast with some peanut butter and of course enjoyed my vice, some chocolate kisses, with my coffee.

Then I let my food digest and prepared for the run.

Jeremy's run preparation tips:

  1. I use a High Sierra hydration pack. It cost me $20 at a local Wal-Mart. It has a huge reservoir (64oz), place for a CD player, pocket for additional items, padding that is mesh so your back gets to breath, and comfortable straps.
  2. You can get one of those fancy $50 technical running shirts at a sporting goods store, or visit Wal-Mart or Target and pick up the same type of shirt for under $10
  3. To keep my legs from chapping (rubbing together and forming a rash) I use a strange trick someone taught me: cooking spray ... yes, I spray it lightly on my inner thighs and it keeps them from rubbing
  4. I use the same strategy on my chest but that still gets a little raw on longer runs so I may have to tape it
  5. Bullfrog sunscreen sprays on and keeps me burn free on long runs (I can't stand the thick white creamy kinds of lotions)
  6. A little bit of baby powder in the socks and shoes goes a long ways towards keeping the feet dry and blister free
  7. I prefer a bandana over a hat to keep my head from getting burned because it also keeps the sweat out of my eyes
  8. In my hydration pack, I mix a product called CLIP-2 from Succeed! - it's actually designed for extremely long runs so it contains some fat in it but I stomach it better than their other product designed for shorter runs ... it also contains ample sodium to replace what ends up turning my backpack and shirt white during long runs
  9. I stuff a few power gels and usually have one right before and another every hour during my run
  10. Instead of gulping water down I've found my stomach likes it better if I just sip every few minutes
  11. If you like music, get a quality player that works ... mine lasts for 30 minutes, then dies, then comes on again after another hour ... just when I get into the "groove" it cuts out and I am stuck with my own boring thoughts

I was so excited about the run that I created a Google Earth file that you can access by clicking here ... if you highlight the route and then click the lower play button, you can "see" the run. Here's what it looks like (click to get to the full-size image):

After the run I wrapped up with a glass of 8oz of water, then a huge shake made with Beverly International Ultra Size (I still believe out of all of the shakes I've tasted in the past decade, and I've tasted them all, this is by far the best tasting one ... some ice, a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream, a few scoops, blend, and enjoy). Some good protein, carbohydrates, and fats to help me recover. Looks like a nice bean soup for dinner with some Italian bread.

I'll knock off a good part of my "calorie bank" but will have my work cut out during the week ... it will be interesting because my birthday is coming up and my wife and daughter are taking me out Tuesday night, so I may be doing some extra running or carrying some more forward to next weekends run to balance things out. All in good fun!

On the website I finally created a page all of our weight-loss and fitness gadgets as well as a page with our healthy living videos.

That's it for now, time to fill a tub and relax! Until next time,


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Epiphany On First "Second Twelve"