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San Gennaro-Monica's Weekend Update

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The 80th Annual Feast of San Gennaro, New York City's oldest, biggest and best religious street festival is being celebrated through Sunday, September 23rd.

Visit Mulberry Street to check out indoor and outdoor dining at 35 of Little Italy's most famous Italian restaurants. More than 300 licensed street vendors selling international foods will also temp you. For desserts visit Ferrara's at 195 Grand Street for delicious gelato, pastries and sweet martinis. One of my favorite restaurants is Da Nico at 164 Mulberry Street...try to sit in the outdoor garden in the back. Honestly, I haven't had a bad meal there. Lots of great Italian wines are reasonable (around $30). For large groups try La Mela at 167 Mulberry. You can ask for "the works". They will bring you courses until you are full; appetizers, pastas, meats and desserts all meant for sharing. Every time I go it runs around $40 per person.

Expect crowds but the food is worth it! The vendors are definitely worth checking out too. At 2pm on Saturday you can witness the Spectacular Parade down Mulberry.

Happy Eating!

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San Gennaro-Monica's Weekend Update