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Spend happy life

 A  happy &  pleasant life is also a fun. Some spend their life happily , some spend with  sorrow & grief.

To spend a happy life there are some most  effective  principles.

                            POSITIVE THOUGHTS

According “Helen Kailer” every man have positive thoughts & must change their negative thinkings.  There are thousands of meaning in a single word. It depends our point of view .If we think positively  the meaning will positive, and every thing will be pleasant , and if think negatively  the result will negative .Negative thoughts  promots  jealousy hate & negative attitude.

                         SELF  INTROSPECTION

Human has top ranking in all creatures. Because of this everybody blessed with lot of abilities.

We should have confidence about own abilities  about own abilities, and use it positively.

Human attitude &  behaviour related with their thinking .If it is positive then attitude will be positive.

The  positive attitude and behaveour  effect life positively, life will be pleasant

If we have some bad or negative habits & attitudes must thrown away , left it.

For this we should introspects  time 2 time.

                               GOOD  DEED  EVERYDAY.

We must solemn appeal 2 GOD 2 good deed. Once we think to do good deed automatically step forward. Start our day with pray. Educate people for brotherhood  relationship, peace & prosperity & love.

                                 FORGET UNPLEASANT FACTORS.

If our past is unpleasant, we must forget it .And rejoice with our pleasant  yesterdays.

Pleasant & unpleasant  yesterdays are only a lesson for us , our planning for future must be according this.


Capableties  are the best gift from nature for everybody. We  should realize  about our capabilities and use it for success of life & bright future.


We will be unsatisfy & sad due to hatered & jealousy . So let of those negative aspects.

Everybody  should amiable

Always smile.

Always be optimist, never be pessimist.

Every time thankful for GOD.

If we spend our life according 2 those directions given by GOD will live happiest life.







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Spend Happy Life