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Remembering the First Thanksgiving Turkey Video shoot at iFood three years ago

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First, without much ado, Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Hope this is a memorable and joyous occasion for you and your families.
Today while going through some Turkey recipes
on the site, i bumped along the 'Spice Rub Turkey with Pineapple and
Mustard Glaze Recipe by Chef Vikas Khanna".  And this brought back
memories of three years ago when we shot this video. It was 2006 and probably the weekend before Thanksgiving. This was going to be our first video shoot and that too with two famous Chefs, Vikas Khanna and Hari Nayak. They had been gracious enough to take the time out to prepare the turkey and allow us to shoot the footage. I had hired a part-time video producer (Shiv and his co-worker Matt) who too was new to such shoots but we were excited and ready to get going. We drove for an hour to the Kitchen where the Chefs had arranged for the shoot. It was a great day - putting up the lights, arranging the food , planning the shoot, doing the retakes. Most of the stuff was impromptu and we shot as we went along. Chef Vikas prepared the Spice Rub Turkey and Chef Hari made some awesome Lamb chops. And all the while i was the taster (the perks of being involved with iFood shoots). The Turkey come out right and it tasted awesome (even though i am not much impressed by Turkey generally). I guess it was the pineapple and mustard glaze that added a new twist. And then it so happened that Chef Vikas linked back to the Spice Rub Turkey video from Deepak Chopra's Intent Blog ( See the comments people had left. The blog is not updated anymore). It was a day to remember and no wonder while looking at the recipe the memories came alive. If you are looking to cook up a spiced up Turkey then enjoy the video and hope you like the recipe. There are some really nice tips in the video - like using a thermometer to know then Turkey is done, using the right sheets to prevent overcooking and much more. Wishing many more Thanksgiving to the iFood team and the large community of foodies here. Lets raise a toast. Cheers.

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Remembering The First Thanksgiving Turkey Video Shoot At IFood Three Years Ago