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Eating Low with Amy - Lots of Stuff Going On!

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It's been a busy week! I was doing a salad recipe contest for my next cookbook so I finally got around to judging the entries. It was really close but the salad that won was Blackberry Chicken Salad. It was blackberries, chicken, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, green onion, and feta cheese on a bed of spinach and lettuce. It was really good! The second place winner was spinach, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, hardboiled egg, turkey bacon with a dressing made from low carb ketchup, splenda, soy sauce, vinegar, and worchestershire sauce. It was really unusual but very tasty!

My web site experienced some increased traffic (which I have to thank for!). Some people specifically said they came from here so that is awesome! I've been spreading the word about this site too! Someone asked for a forum (which is something I had been wanting to do anyway) so I set one up! Check it out here! Setting up forums always makes me nervous but I did it so I'm feeling very geeky at the moment! Go check it out! You can view and post recipes, create a journal, or just make some friends!

I was hesitating even posting this but the info (to limit my competition!) but it's out there so I'm sure they will be advertising this on FoodTV. I got a myspace bulletin from Next Food Network Star Season 4 that they are having casting calls in various locations in the US. I had already submitted my audition tape, but I'm contemplating whether to make the trip to NY for the casting call. My friends band was playing that same weekend and I had been thinking of going up for that so this really would only involve staying an extra day.

I'll probably be doing another video sometime this weekend so stay tuned for that!

Anyways, that's what's new with me! It's been crazy busy this week!

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Eating Low With Amy - Lots Of Stuff Going On!