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Dont leave your igunas around Trini's

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You know as a child I took things for granted. I didn’t really know how much culture was around me. I am very lucky to have been exposed to a variety cultures which have had a significant influence on how I cook today.

My first experience of my mother’s homeland of Trinidad and Tobago came as small boy. At first I really didn’t like most of the foods. Being a New Yorker I love my Sabretts with red onions and spicy brown mustard. When I was kid hot dogs didn’t taste the same in Port of Spain and so, I was forced to eat the local foods.

Many cultures are evident in the food of Trinidad and Tobago—cuisines of Asia, India, Africa, and Europe are all part of a harmonious melting pot. What a blend! In my opinion that is what makes Trinidad great! Unusual foods that are consumed are agoutis, iguanas, monkeys and sharks.


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Dont Leave Your Igunas Around Trini's