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Viewer's Opinion on What Food to Have on a Valentine's Day

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More fun with Sherry 'Ass Kickin' Hwang on Times Square. This time she asks two gorgeous finnish girls what they like about food and plans for Valentines Day. Its all about cheese, chocolates and chicken (or chicks:-) Not too difficult to to wooo these beauties, i guess

Enjoy and incase you missed the whacky Butt Naked Guys, go watch it now!

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Finnish Girls and Chocolates, Cheese and Chicken
Chocolates, cheese and chicken are something that most of us would love to have. Finnish girls are no different. Watch out the video and find what these two gorgeous finnish girls would like to have and what are their plans for Valentines Day.

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Viewer's Opinion On What Food To Have On A Valentine's Day Video, Finnish Girls And Chocolates, Cheese And Chicken