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Eating Low with Amy - Back from NY

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This is my first blog entry on so I'll tell you just a bit about myself first. My name is Amy and I have an online cooking show called Eating Low. I'm working on uploading my videos here too (you can see them all at if you just can't wait! LOL!). I have friends in NY so I travel there pretty frequently and hope to eventually move there. 

I just got back from my trip to NY. I spent a day and a half in the city and the rest of the time on Long Island. This was the first time I've actually come back from NY weighing the same as when I left! When I first got into the city, I ate at my favorite deli in Soho (although they have been out of the Soho Trio the last two times I've been there. It's tuna salad, egg salad, and chicken salad with lettuce and tomatoes). Breakfast the next morning was at the Landmark diner. It's across from the Solita Soho hotel that I always stay in. The area straddles Chinatown, Little Italy, and Soho. We always get breakfast there and we call it Chinese Food Eggs because my friend says the hash browns taste like chinese food. I think they are just yummy! Out on Long Island, the most popular past times seems to be eating and shopping! They have great delis in NY (something that is severely lacking in Virginia where I live!). I had the best bruch buffet at Ashkan's Kebabs in Westbury, NY. It's sort of greek, I guess but the brunch buffet had everything! I even tried lamb gyro meat which I've never had before. I really liked it and tried not to think about where it came from! They also had a really good FREE (!!!!) bloody mary with brunch. It was made just the way I like it - tons of horseradish! It makes my ears tingle! Anyways, with all the eating you'd think I would have gained tons of weight but I weighed last night and I'm the same weight as when I left! Woohoo!

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Eating Low With Amy - Back From NY