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BBQ at the beach!

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Summer has sailed away, and the beautiful fall colors are here. Hoping to cash in on the lovely weather, we had planned a trip to Yosemite this weekend. However, due to some last minute changes, it seemed like we will all be stuck at home with no other plans. One of the perks of being in California is it is never too hot and never too cold  and you just cannot be stuck indoors – you know where I am going? No, well we decided to pack our gear and head towards the pacific. Thought why not just spend the day at the beach. Enjoy the crisp air and barbecue in the beautiful sun.

Beach bbq is most fun in case you haven’t tried it. All you have to do is marinade some meat, pack some coolers, get your grill, and off you go.  Party started at 8AM at my house. We went to Whole Foods and picked up some organic chicken and some beautiful tri tip beef. Whole foods has these wonderful vegetarian patties we usually get to cater for the occasional vegan amongst us.  While I was looking for corn (which mind you is out of season now), I found some sweet potatoes, and picked them up for our side. These are super nutritious and very easy to handle. When we got back, my sister and her friend were over, all packed with sun tan and flip flops (come’on girls, its fall now!). Anyhow, they got some chocolate cake and some MJ music, so I didn’t say much ;)

The weather was perfect, about 70 degrees, the sun was out, and the air was clean and crisp.  We took Hwy 17 which is usually packed – but to our much surprise it was quite smooth. We stopped at one of those fresh fruit farms, and picked up some dried fruit and strawberries to eat on our way. We reached around noon. And to our very pleasant surprise (again!) the beach was not that crowded; at this point I am thinking, hey, why don’t we do this more ???

Typically, I love to get in the water but this time it was too cold. After a few games of volleyball, in which yours truly totally rocked, we set up the grill. Another reason I like bbq is that my husband is genuinely interested in cooking and even taking charge. He set up our station, lit the grill, and fed all of us. Life doesn’t get any better. Beer and bbq doesn’t sound like a girls day out, but top it with chocolate cake, and we were in heaven.

All in all, a perfect day. We headed back around 5, happy and gay.  I am posting some of my simple bbq recipes below. So next time, don’t think twice; just pack your charcoal, paper towels, good spirits and say cheers to good times! Till then, take care and enjoy the fall ! Be good!

Barbecue Chicken Recipe:

Chicken, skinless, bone in, cut in pieces – 6-8 pieces
Cooking wine for flavor and taste (may substitute with rum or brandy)
Powdered pepper – ½ tsp
Crushed red pepper – ½ tsp
Onion and garlic powder – ½ tsp each
Chives – ½ tsp
Parsley – ½ tsp
Curd or lime juice – 2 tbsp (This is to tenderize the chicken pieces)
Barbecue sauce as required
Oregano for garnishing

Make not so deep incisions of Chicken pieces. Mix all the marinade ingredients well, except bbq sauce and thoroughly rub over chicken. Refrigerate the marinated chicken in a zip bag or class dish for 30 minutes.

Remove the marinated chicken from the refrigerator and keep in room temperature at least 15 minutes before grilling. Arrange the Chicken pieces in skewer, with or without veggies accompaniments and grill over low to medium heat. Generously baste with bbq sauce and honey, if required for sweet taste, and turn to cook both sides. You may even sprinkle the herbs over the pieces while cooking. Remove from the skewers and serve with plenty of paper towels.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes:
Sweet Potatoes
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
Cajun Blend
Provence Blend
Secret Ingredient - Brown Sugar

Add the ingredients to Sweet Potatoes; wrap in an aluminium foil. Put the foil on the grill, on the side, for about 15 mins. In about 15-20 mins you can smell the caramel and that’s when you know it is done. A perfect side to go with bbq meats!

Tri Tip Beef Bbq:

Tri Tip Beef (with some fat on)
Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Parsley for seasoning.

Add seasoning to the beef. Start to bbw with the fat side up so that if the fire is too hot, you don’t end up with a flame. Turn over the tri tip in about 15 mins. It will take about 45 mnts for it to cook; so you will turn it around about 4 times. As it starts to cook, you will see that it starts to swell up a little. After 45 mins, let the tri tip rest in the pan for about 15 mins while you finish up the bread.

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BBQ At The Beach!