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Portobello Power

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Today's Run: 3.0
Run Time: 26:43 (8:55 minutes per mile)
Total Miles to Date: 629.5

Thoughts on the Run:

Today was a fast run. Unfortunately, when I postpone my runs until the evening, I shift my nutrition schedule. Usually I run, then have a big bowl of fruit, then start in with complex carbs later in the day. When I skip the run, it's straight to oatmeal or multi-grain waffles and coffee. Not that I eat unhealthy, I just don't get in all of my fruit.

I kicked the speed up a notch and knocked my pace down to sub-9-minute miles. It was a tough run but I'm still hanging on.

This marks the fourth week I've been 100% alcohol-free ... I keep having some thoughts that I am going to REALLY enjoy the glass of red wine I have to celebrate after my Thanksgiving Day Marathon ... another part of me says I won't even want wine by then. Only time will tell.

My wife prepared an amazing dish when I was done with the run. It was a "portobello pizza." We grilled some shallots in olive oil and garlic, then took them off the grill and grilled the mushrooms. On top we grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, then added artichoke hearts and olives.

I had a baked potato on the side with tofu sour cream ... you'd almost think I was vegan. To drink was a delicious soda - 3/4 all-natural Peligrino with 1/4 all-natural Concord grape juice. DELICIOUS!

Tomorrow is a 4 mile run, then a fast run, then this weekend I have what I consider my first "true" long run, a 9-miler. I'm looking forward to it. I've been missing my long runs because there is something about spending several hours out on the run that allows you to meditate and connect with parts of yourself that don't have time to rise to the surface in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Pounding out some of these faster runs on the treadmill had me laughing because I was working so hard but getting nowhere. I'm not alone, apparently this person trained for ultramarathons ... on his treadmill!

Anyway, I'm ready to catch some sleep so until next time,

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Portobello Power