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Goliath Burning

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Today's Run: 6.07m
Run Time: 1:15:04 (12:23 minutes per mile)
Total Miles to Date: 626.5

Thoughts on the Run:

Whew was it a scorcher.

They say if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I decided to take a slightly different approach. Instead, I'll just get used to the heat!

I was out at 1pm and it was 95 degrees and humid. I'll talk about why that wasn't really so bad in a little bit. I was trying out a new shirt. It turns out that a technical shirt from Wal-Mart that costs $8 works just as great as a logo shirt that costs $75 at the local sports shop. A technical shirt for running is one that whicks away sweat. It has tiny pores so that when you sweat, instead of soaking the sweat like cotton (which causes the shirt to weigh 500 tons and can rub your chest raw) or trapping the sweat like synthetic materials, the water evaporates through and helps you cool off.

I also found that shoes are far more important than I originally thought. This run was a breeze as far as feet and legs were concerned - all of the pain the previous week was definitely due to a bum sole on my other shoes. These shoes reminded me of a trick I learned as well - the laces skip every other hole so that as my foot swells during the run, it doesn't get squeezed. This is how I avoid losing circulation but more importantly keeping from getting blisters even on longer runs.

I brought plenty of fluid and salt and just pounded it out. Sure, there were moments when I had to walk. The long hill I lovingly call "Goliath" waited eagerly to test my mettle. I walked Goliath, but in that heat even walking it was like going over burning coals. I still managed a decent pace of just over 12 minutes per mile and this was just my third longer run in the heat so I feel good about the progress ... I'm no longer feeling completely wiped out at the end.

The night before I shot some video of my daughter preparing one our favorite weekend splurge meals, a home made calzone. The recipe and video will be up in Lizzie Marie Cuisine's profile. I also recorded one of my own this morning, a companion video to a popular article on the site. It's called The Practical Way to Lose Fat.

I did it before the run in case I was wiped out.

We are also filming my daughter making a nice cool Granita (Italian ice) with all natural lemonade. So after my run, I had the perfect combination to cool down with ... nice refreshing lemonade (the left over from her dish) and a Mojo. This is a type of bar from the Clif Bar company that is like trail mix. It is perfect for after a run because it contains a combination of fat, protein, fiber, and sugar for recovery as well as lots of salt. While normally for a healthy diet you want to keep added salt to a minimum, after training in the heat, sodium is the main mineral you lose through sweat so it's important to replenish as I mentioned in my article about replacing fluids called The Long Haul.

An interesting article today said that some people may be non-responders to exercise. The important thing to consider is just what protocol they followed. It may be that the researchers had their own protocol in mind and it wasn't the right one. I can say in almost a decade of coaching, I've never met a single individual who couldn't respond to the right training. I've met lots of people who do the wrong exercise, the wrong intensity, the wrong way, or consume the wrong nutrition to see results, but once they realize the proper way to integrate these variables, the weight comes off. My point is not to use research like this as an excuse. Your genes might make it harder, but the only way to fail is to give up.

We hear a lot about functional training these days. Apparently, bodybuilding has a practical real world application: thwarting bank robberies.

Exercise is great, but too much too fast or under the wrong conditions can be dangerous. In some sobering news, a Chinese weight loss official apparently died while training - they found him on the ground with his workout clothes on.

I mentioned earlier that the heat of my run wasn't really all that bad when you put it in perspective and promised to explain why. Here is the explanation - what those racers do is phenomenal!

In lieu of the bad rep vitamins have been getting lately, here's some good news about how they may have a positive impact on cognitive ability.

Okay, that's it for today, take care and have a blessed week.

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Goliath Burning