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The Night Cap was a Bandana

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Today's Run: 4.04
Run Time: 46:44 (11:33 minutes per mile)
Total Miles to Date: 617.4

Thoughts on the Run:

Yesterday I woke up sore and stiff. My right knee was complaining so I gave it a break and decided to rearrange my schedule for the week. Instead of running, I slept in, then in the evening headed to the pool with my daughter. We had a great time and it was like therapy for my knee.

This morning I still felt like I wasn't ready so I put it off again. I ended up having a full and productive day and wasn't able to run until late at night. I could have easily written it off and gone to bed but I refuse to miss a run this time around, so I dragged myself downstairs, threw on my reflective gear and went out for a night run.

It was an easy 4 miles. OK, so I lied. The first mile was miserable. It just felt like I was running for the first time - you wouldn't believe I have been running for almost a month now because I was so sore, stiff, and winded just getting down the block from my house. I was frustrated but decided this was part of the process and pressed on. After warming up I finally made it to a decent pace and pushed myself about 3 miles. After that, there was a hill that I had to walk but then it was paced strong again to the finish and now the run is complete.

I always get wired after my runs so I decided to write my blog and newsletter and then catch up on sleep. I'll run again tomorrow evening, do my longer run Saturday and then I'm on track for my runs this week.

I've been letting myself get frustrated over my weight. Despite eating clean throughout the week and then running like a madman my weight not only decided not to budge, it went up a tad. We're talking fat here, not weight, because I can tell by the way my jeans fit. They should be getting looser, they aren't.

The fact is that I've never really been successful with fat loss unless I'm weight training, and this time my weights are really just body weight exercises and light training that is far less than what I would normally do. So, I'm going to have to take a hit in nutrition. My "clean" isn't good enough so I'm going to overhaul my diet. To cut out calories I'll probably continue with my typical higher carbohydrate fare (fruit, pasta, whole grain bread, bagels, etc) in the mornings but then phase over to more lean proteins and vegetables in the evening. I'm not a fan of the whole "cut carbs after dark" movement but this will at least shift my macronutrients so I'm getting refueled enough to continue to run but should be burning more fat in the evening. Only time will tell.

Of all places, the Money section of CNN actually has advice on this whole exercise thing. In this article they suggest 30 minutes 5 times per week or vigorously for 20 minutes 3 times per week. Of course you can ask two people what vigorous is and they may come up with two entirely different answers. With 4 runs per week, some getting up to 7-minute miles for segments and others lasting hours, I think I'm solid on those guidelines.

Of course, with the good we take the bad. Now we find out that rats with high blood pressure may develop worse blood pressure and suffer heart attack from exercise. What? I wonder what their diet looked like as well.

Here's another blog about someone training for a marathon. There are lots out there, but this one is from my home town, St. Petersburg, so I thought I'd post it up!

Well, I had better go catch some rest. Tomorrow is an exciting new day! Until then,

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The Night Cap Was A Bandana