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One Second Shy

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Today's Run: 3.0m
Run Time: 27:01 (9:01 minutes per mile)
Total Miles to Date: 613.4

Thoughts on the Run:

Today's run was later in the day. I escaped the heat by descending into my basement. I came home, munched on a granola bar and drank some cranberry juice before hitting the treadmill.

It was just 0.1 miles per hour faster than last week, but that shaves a significant amount of time from the entire run. My faster paces were 8:10 and 7:10 minutes per mile respectively. I thought today would be the day I break the 9-minute mile mark, but in the end, I was one second shy. No worries, we can remedy that.

I'll be back at it tomorrow morning for a nice 4 miler with no speed in mind. So far we're four weeks into it and I'm staying consistent. Was onsite at a customer and avoided the temptation for pizza and burgers, then opted for a nice salad instead.

I'm excited to see the response to my daughter's venture at Lizzie Marie Cuisine as well as positive feedback on the Five Keys to Healthy Eating video. I'm working on better audio and getting another camera into play for more versatility. It's exciting to see the community and content grow!

For all of the vitamin-bashing lately, other research is showing promising news like how vitamins may reduce risk of premature births. I found a really great article about how statistics are manipulated to confuse and downright lie. Consumers are being duped and unfortunately many of the culprits are, well, those people who WANT you feel sick so you can make a little deposit to their multi-billion dollar industry. Yes, we're talking legal drugs - the pharmaceutical industry. They really want to discredit those other ways of allowing your body to heal.

I'm not saying all drugs are bad or ineffective ... but there is definitely a campaign of misinformation out there. Read this great article to learn more about how to read between the lines when you see conflicting views about important topics like multivitamins.

I also noticed there is a lot of misunderstanding about fat, so I wrote an article about the truth behind saturated fats (hint: it may not be what you've been led to believe). That is called Fat Unhealthy Lies.

Anyway, take care and I look forward to sharing my run with you tomorrow. Until then, I am,

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One Second Shy