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fiveadayz team,

I am writing to express my disappointment at what could be a fantastic educational website.
I would firstly like to point out that i do feel that you have good intent and that there is potential for 5adayz to be very successful, however i feel your current website display material is far from professional.
I assume that a major sector of your target audience is families and thus children. In your videos there is numerous material that is inappropriate and public perception of you is almost certainly going to be negative. A few points:
-You refer to the drinking of alcohol on your website (cider ref) although said in jest as a company promoting healthy living this is contradictory.
-You use a pole dancer to promote healthy living but if children are watching your videos its very inappropriate and parents will instantly switch off. I would not say that this is adding some 'glamour' but lowering the tone. Some may also see this as sexist
-You (again in jest) state  'children use the sharpest knife you can for this.' I am assuming neither of you are parents as you would know that children can take things literally and most are not capable of understanding sarcasm.
-Basic hygiene is so very important-hair should always be tied back surfaces clear etc and you should be promoting this.
-Showing drunken behaviour and bad language ?
-The use of a sword??
In conclusion if you wish for people to buy in to your name i think you need to realise that you are perceived in a negative light due to the points raised. People buy into good people with good values. Your target audience is not just a bunch of young adults but families and young people. I think that this should be bourne in mind with what you display on your website for all to see. When people think of those in the public eye promoting healthy eating such as Jamie Oliver they think family guy- good honest values. If you want to be taken seriously i think you should make some changes so as you are perceived in a similar way. I think its great to use humour and animation to get messages across but at present i would not be able to recommend your site.
I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavours and would love to see some positive changes to you material to suit ALL, (not just young adults).
I would be most interested to gain your feedback on my comments and know if you are willing to make changes to your site so as it is suitable for children......
Regards Ms Dorling


Dear Daniela,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with some feedback on our site.
I shall begin by answering your general concerns about the tone of our video-recipes. We have taken a calculated decision to (attempt) to appeal to young adults, to deliver the healthy eating message to one of the least receptive audiences to such messages. We could have attempted to appeal to children. However we see it as the parent's (or guardian as the case may be) responsibility to educate their children. Obviously this (sadly) is not always successful, and I believe we are justified in saying there are some people who do not learn to eat healthily. Should we abandon these individuals? Time will judge how successful we are/have been of course.

Now allow me to address your specific points of concern.

1) The drinking of alcohol is so ingrained in our society that nothing we do will change this situation. We hope that the healthy eating message is still central no matter if Nathan (briefly) mentions that he's had a drink. Once again it is the responsibility of the parents to educate children with regards the consumption of alcohol.

2) The pole-dancing which my good friend kindly agreed to do is another example of our attempts to appeal to our target audience above-mentioned. I have already recorded the sequel to this video where the roles are reversed. The accusation of sexism did not cross my mind to begin with I must admit (possibly to do with the innocence of the pole-dancing anyway). However the sequel will address this totally.

3) Parental responsibility is again key with regards to the "sharpest knife" reference. It is a given that children and knives should not mix unsupervised. However, you are less likely to hurt yourself if the knife is sharp. This is something I have learnt through experience, but I felt at the time (and still do) that it is a useful tip.

4) With regards to the hygiene issues you raise, we feel that the disclaimer at the top of our recipe section addresses this.

5) Again, another attempt to appeal to our target audience. If you look closely I am being verbally abused for cleaning away rubbish, I feel that the anti-littering message is a good thing, although totally subsidiary to the fruit and vegetable portion message. I apologise if this is not apparent right away.

6) The use of a sword is nothing to do with us. The sequence was submitted via email, and we have had no further contact from this individual (thus far).

In conclusion, there is thought behind everything we do. We have not set out to offend anyone at all, merely to express the fruit and vegetable portion message in a way that (we hope) will appeal to those who may not have considered it in the past. Thank you once again for your feedback, as these types of concerns will no doubt be raised in the future and we will issue this as a standard response.

Please feel free to respond to this email. I will be posting this dialogue as a blog on
Might I enquire how you found our site?


Greg and Nathan.

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