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The Orlando Sentinel ran this article today - I'm not sure where they got their recipe from but it's not one I would have chosen to showcase...  I've seen so many more flavorfull recipes out there and many good ones on this site! Here are a few I would suggest over what the below link will show you...,0,1086733.story 

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Interesting, never have fixed or eaten tandoori beef. My favouite is Tandoori whole Pomfret-now that is heavenly. It remains crisp on the outside and so moist and flavourful inside. It is quite an art to cook a whole pomfret in a tandoor. In fact the only chef I knew that was doing this in the US was in NYC at a restaurant named Tanddo, but it long gone. Now in India it is a popular and special dish that can be found quite easily. Fish Tikka is not the same by any means. Oh how I wish I knew of a place that did Tandoor Pomfret in the SF Bay Area.