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Wine Flights?

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 Wine drinking continues to soar in it's popularity.  Instead of the Old Fashioned or Gimlet it's what are the wine flights.  Wine flights have become a very popular way to get to know wines, and better yet which wines you like.  Instead of wondering if you'll like a particular wine and ordering it by the glass - the opportunity to taste say 6 or 8 wines of a varietal, style or geographical region makes the choice much easier and at the same time you get to develop your palate.The  spiking thirst for wine and wine knowledge is evidenced by the numerous wine bars that have been opening in the last dozen years or so in not only New York City and San Francisco, but also in London, Hong Kong, etc.  I mean we have wine tasting bars in our grocery stores here in the San Francisco Bay!  "The wine bar's velvet rope is the color of merlot, and Tony the bouncer checks ID after ID before guiding patrons to a glistening bar with smoked gouda, crusty bread and local olive oil. "The Bachelor" -- a dimpled and dynamic Andrew Firestone -- grape-talks on a flat-panel TV while a mustachioed bartender offers tastes of Zarzuela. He charges nothing for his easy charm and flowing wisdom.

"I'm almost done," a mother practically sings across the velvet to her young daughter -- slumped over a pork roast and toilet paper in the family's shopping cart.

She, and the wine bar, are in a Livermore Safeway.

The scene epitomizes suburbia's spiking thirst for wine and wine knowledge. Luckily, there are multiple entry points. Finding the right one depends on your personal and ever-evolving tasting style"

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Wine Flights?