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Travelogue - Mount Rushmore & Crazy Horse Memorial

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Last weekend, I & my hubby along with close friends of ours drove down to Mount Rushmore & Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota, about 365 miles from our home in Colorado.

Sculptures of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodre Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln


Mount Rushmore National Memorial is part of the Black Hills in South Dakota. The four faces carved on the Mountain are that of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt & Lincoln. They were sculpted by Gutzon Borglum & several other workers from 1927 to 1941. The dimensions of each face are approximately 60 feet from chin to top of the head, eyes are 11 feet across, nose: 20 feet & mouth: 18 feet across. The entire sculpture is 185 feet across & 150 feet tall.

Located 17 miles southwest of Mount Rushmore is the Crazy Horse Memorial. This Memorial is supposedly the World’s Biggest Mountain Carving in the making! This project was single handedly started by sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski on the request on Native American Chief, Henry Standing Bear to honor the culture, tradition & heritage of the North American Indians.

Sculpture of 'face of Crazy Horse'


After sculptor Korczak’s death in 1982, his wife Ruth & seven of his children continue to work on this family project. Since it is a non-profit undertaking, the monument receives no funding from federal or state governments. Korczak is said to have refused $10 million dollars offered by the federal government on two different occasions. The monument is primarily supported by admission fees & gifts from visitors.

Model of the 'Crazy Horse Memorial'


The Monument being built is that of Crazy Horse, a Native American Chief & the intended gesture of the monument literally means “my lands are where my dead lay buried”, supposedly said by Crazy Horse.


Till date only the face of Crazy Horse has been carved. A model of the complete monument displayed at the Visitor Centre gives us an idea of how the gigantic Memorial would look like once the work is complete.



Bus tours to the base of the Mountain of the Crazy Horse Memorial are available. Unfortunately we could not take one of those bus tours because it was lightning & the tours were cancelled momentarily.


A completed structure/monument of the World’s Biggest Carving in a Mountain still remains to be seen



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Travelogue - Mount Rushmore & Crazy Horse Memorial