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Taming Fire The Culinary Way Caused Human Evolution!

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Taming fire the culinary way –yes I mean cooking!  I was baffled to hear primatologist Richard Wrangham opine that taming fire to satiate our taste buds was what made us human, i.e. distinguished us from the rest of the animals. Cooking seems to be a consequence of superior thinking ability. Cooked food is higher in calorific value. Also a greater range of food are made edible when cooked rather than when raw. Man thought about this, not other animals which proves the superior ability of our grey cells.

Using only two feet for standing and locomotion, a receding jawline,  our dentition,  a reduced gut, and  small brain size are all changes brought about for consumption of cooked food which is more tender and easy to digest than raw food. The answers to why a woman is more inclined towards housework and why there are severe instances of domestic violence on not getting ready food  lie in the root cause of the human habit of taming fire the culinary way from ancient times. A really intriguing observation that Wrangham makes is that monogamy has come into existence due to a fear in men of loosing their food to other men! 

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Taming Fire The Culinary Way Caused Human Evolution!