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A Devil in Disguise

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One heavy day I directed my steps away from city clamour towards a valley. I was not knowing what this valley is going to offer me. I was completely oblivious of the surroundings secrets of the valley. When I entered the valley, I found a very beautiful and a knowledgeable man. He was calm and collective sitting beneath a most beautiful tree with crystalline river water flowing besides him and the birds playing there musical sounds. He was looking like the sign of purity and wisdom with the surroundings justifying it. My first impression was that he is a saint, and I was quite right. I enquired about his whereabouts and he replied that he is the reflection of my heart. He ordained me not to blot my heart and be careful in this valley because this valley is also a place where devils reside. I left the saint without giving too much heed to his weary statements. I was enjoying my presence in this beautiful valley. Suddenly, I heard the voice which was so soothing that it pierced my soul. I started enquiring myself and the nature around me about it. I started believing that it is the voice of a nymph and I started following it. Suddenly, my pupils dilated when I caught hold of a sight of a giant magnitude mountain which was so appalling that I could not continuous stare at it. But I can hear the nymph on the other side of it. The look at the mountain was sending shivers down my spine. May be it was the saint who was disguising himself in this ghastly face of this giant mountain, trying to keep me away and safeguard me from a prospective devil. But the voice coming from the other side of the mountain was so soothing and comforting that it gave me solace and removed my fear and the effect of a saint showing me his signs. The honey dewed voice of a nymph was so cheerful that I even overcame the fear of this scary mountain who resembled with the angel of death. I kept hearing the voices of a nymph and kept replying gently to them. I was asking myself is this the voice for which I have been waiting all long. Unaware of the consequences I started believing that it is the reflection of my dreams. I kept coming to the valley paying regular visits and I always found the saint there, who always stood at the outset of the valley. He was always remembering me about the presence of devils in this valley but I was not giving him too much heed, but his words were always going through my mind. The effect of the voice of a nymph and its intoxication always overpowered what that saint used to tell me. It was a sort of battle going on between the saying of the saint and effect of fairy on me, but the fairy always won. I kept conversing with the fairy. I even delineated a picture of the nymph who was sitting on the other side of the mountain and for whom my feelings were getting intense day by day.The nymph's picture in my mind was a splendour of character and intelligence. The picture that can bragged about and talked with pride on my way back to city. I always felt her presence it was like a cool breeze of springs playing mischief with me. I was yearning for her and was wondering how can I overcome the magnitude of this giant mountain. I asked for help, suddenly I saw sky turning black, It was as though the sky has waged a war against earth and is Just growling at the start of a battle. There was lightening all around, the sound of which I can never forget and which will keep oscillating in my ears till the end of this world. I was looking around with fear and saw a lightening with anger in her eyes but looking gently towards me like saint used to look at me. It was falling on the mountain and this giant natural structure was brought to ashes. I lost my conscious and when I was back to my senses. It was a musical silence all around me and I saw the same saint holding me in his lap and I found no signs of a mountain and the world from the other side of the mountain was quite visible to me.The saint asked me to have a look at my nymph when I looked on to the other side with the intent to catch a glimpse of my fairy I saw a most frightening face staring and laughing at me. She was celebrating her win over me. It was such a ghastly face that a mere glimpse of it could change the good fortune to its worst. I enquired from the voices who were buried under the debris of a mountain ,where is my fairy they replied unanimously that it is her and it was the devil in disguise. When I turned back and looked for a saint he disappeared with a satisfying smile on his face.

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A Devil In Disguise