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Healthy Steamed Chili

Healthy Steamed Chili is, as indicated by the name, a healthier way of preparing hot chillies instead of the regular process of batter coating and deep frying them. Basically of Mexican origin, Poblano peppers are best suited for this recipe but other chillies may also be used.

Ingredients and Method

The best technique for preparing the thinner skinned chilli varieties like Pablano peppers is to simply blister the skin, by using tongs to hold them directly on an open gas flame. The outer skin of the chillies blister and get charred as they are continually rotated over the flame. These are immediately placed in a closed container to cook further in their own steam before cooling off. Rinsing under cool tap water facilitates removal of the charred skin. The ribs and seeds are removed by making an incision carefully along one side.

The steamed chillies are ready to be seasoned with salt, pepper, a dash of lemon juice before serving.

Healthy Variations

The healthy steamed chillies thus prepared can be stuffed variously with cheese, hummus, veggies etc to make chilli rellenos which are subsequently rolled up in plastic wrap and steamed for 10-15 minutes over boiling water in a steamer. These may be served along with condiments and dips of choice. This makes for healthy steamed rellenos instead of the normally deep fried ones.