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Alma Pepper

Alma Pepper, known as a Hungarian paprika pepper or Hungarian apple pepper, is mildly hot and has a sweet characteristic taste. The peppers are almost cherry-like with a round shape and grow up to 3 inches in diameter. Numerous chilies grow on a plant at a time, which has been categorized as a plant of the Capsicum annum species. The pepper plant has been grown indoors successfully as well. The fleshy outer covering of the seeds are generally removed, allowing them to be stored for extended periods.

The fruits of the paprika plant are creamy white in color which turns orange on maturity, finally becoming bright red in color. They are eaten at every stage of maturity and are considered to be an excellent form of pepper for drying and grinding.

The orange colored pepper is considered to be the best for making the paprika sauce. Both the flesh as well as the seeds of the pepper has culinary uses. The pepper is dehydrated in the sun and ground to a powder after de-stemming them. It is used as a sweet and spicy paprika powder to enliven many dishes including sauces and salsas.

Culinary Uses of Alma Pepper

  • The immature, creamy-white colored pepper is a regular fixture on crudite trays in accompaniment with sour cream dip.
  • It is commonly used for preparing sweet paprika powders either in isolation or with other varieties of pepper.
  • Alma pepper is used for cooking dishes containing onions and mushrooms.
  • The pepper is also used as an ingredient for roasts and stuffings.

Some of the most popular recipes that make use of the pepper are:-

  • Hungarian Goulash- A beef stew cooked according to authentic Hungarian recipe contains Alma paprika powder, tomatoes, and onions.
  • Paprikás csirke- Commonly known as paprika chicken, the dish consists of chicken meat simmered in paprika powder and sour cream.

Nutritive Value of Alma Pepper

The pepper is a rich source of vitamins A and C which add to its nutritive value. It is also used as an effective ingredient to promote weight loss on account of its low calorie count.


Alma pepper has been categorized as a heirloom variety.