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Tortellis a pastry which is stuffed with marzipan and is round in shape. It is a fruit based confection belonging to Catalonia.This dish is especially prepared for the Epiphany celebrations. Tortell is also known as torta or rosco. The cake is topped with glazed fruits and nuts.

History and Origin of Tortell Recipe

Tortell originated in Catalonia and belongs to the group of Catalan and Spanish cuisine. This dish is prepared on January 6th for the Epiphany Day. Epiphany Day marks the end of twelve days of Christmas. This was the day in history when the three kings Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar blessed the baby Jesus. Today also, the Spanish kids wait for the gifts on this day. A lunch is arranged for all family and friends and the gifts are exchanged. The tortell specifically made for Epiphany day is called tortell de reis in Spanish, It is called galeta de reis in French Catalonia.

Method of Preparation and Ingredients Used in Tortell Recipe

The ingredients required for preparing tortell are flour, sugar, butter, yeast, milk, salt, lemon rind, egg, crushed almonds and candied fruits. The dough is prepared by mixing flour with yeast, sugar, butter, salt, lemon rind and milk. Once ready, it is left for at least four hours. When the dough is all ready, rings are formed out of it. Eggs are beaten and brushed on the dough. Crushed almonds and candied fruits are topped on the dough. Also, a bean known as fava and a figure of king is put on the dough. The prepared dough is baked for around half an hour. The cake is baked until golden brown.

Serving Suggestions For Tortell

A tortell is mostly served as a dessert after the main course. Spanish people mostly eat tortells on Sundays after the lunch.

Trivia – Tortell

  • A bean and the figure of a king are hidden in a tortell cake. The person, who gets the figure, is said to have good luck for the year. He is given a crown for being the king. While the person who gets a bean or fava, is asked to pay for this fruit confection

  • Following the same tradition, the people of New Orleans make a King cake and the Mexicans prepare a dish which is called rosca de reyes.