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Cherry Turnover

Cherry turnover is a kind of dessert pastry which is made by filling a cherry mixture inside puff pastry dough. It has a flaky texture on the outside and a jam like filling inside. It has a sweet taste with a prominent cherry flavor. It is triangular in shape.

Ingredients and Preparation

There are two main parts to making cherry turnover; crust dough and filling. Refined flour, butter are the main ingredients for making the puff pastry dough. Cherries and sugar are the main ingredients for making the pie filling.

Traditionally, cherry turnover was made from scratch. The puff pastry dough is made by layering refined flour dough along with margarine repeatedly and then making a sheet. Squares were cut and kept aside. Pie filling is made using deseeded cherries, sugar, citric acid, red coloring and sugar. All the ingredients are cooked together till thick and all the sugar melts. It is cooled and only then used.

Cherry filling is spooned into each square and then folded into triangles. The edges are sealed properly and then it is baked at 325 degrees F for about 15 minutes. It is cooled on a wire rack and served.


· Cherry turnover is served either at room temperature or warm. It is drizzled with a mixture of icing sugar and milk or any kind of fruit sauce.

· It is also served warm with a scoop of ice cream.

Popular Variations

· Any other fruit can be used as filling instead of cherry. Apples, peaches, kiwi are commonly used.

· Savory filling can also be done. Beef, cheese, chicken, mixed vegetable are commonly used for fillings.

· Short crust pastry dough can be used instead of puff pastry to make the crust crispy and short (biscuit like) instead of flaky.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Arby’s cherry turnover

Serving size – 1 piece (89 g)

Calories – 247 cal, Calories from fat – 123 cal, Fat – 13.7 g, Saturated fat – 3.9 g, Sodium – 200 mg, Total carbohydrates – 35 g, Sugars – 15 g, Protein – 4 g

· Commercially available cherry turnover is high in calories, fat, saturated fat and sodium. It should be avoided by people who are on a diet, suffering from obesity, cardiovascular diseases and also hypertension.

· High saturated fat increases the risk of blockages in heart.

· Nearly 50% calories are contributed by fat and nearly 25% calories are contributed by sugar. It falls into the category of a junk food and should only be consumed as an indulgence food and not on a regular basis.

· It provides no nutrition and majorly empty calories.

· The calorific value of the snack can be reduced by replacing sugar with non-calorie sweeteners like sucralose and stevia.


· 28th August is celebrated as the national cherry turnover day in U.S.A.