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Vermicelli is one of the types of pasta, which is thin as compared to spaghetti and is in the form of long, solid and slender threads. The history of this ingredient differs from one country to the other country. The same has been explained below.

Vermicelli Recipes – Variations

Different countries make use of different ways of preparing vermicelli. The same has been discussed hereunder:


In Asia, this ingredient is made up of semolina and is famous by the name of seviyan (in Hindi and Urdu), sev (in Gujarat), semiya (in Malayalam and Tamil), shavige (in kannada). In India, an Asian country, this popular ingredient is used in various kinds of vermicelli recipes such as upma, kheer, and rice noodles.


In Italy, the ingredient was called by various names in 14th century. It was known by the name of minutelli (in Venice), orati (in Bologne), and pancardelle (in Mantua). However, these days there are several recipes available in Italy, which can be stored for a long time for around two to three years of time, if dried in sun. In Italy, vermicelli or thin spaghetti is made up of durum wheat.


In Latin American cuisine and Mexican cuisine, fiedo is used as one of the types of noodle. It is often called by the name of vermicelli. It is commonly used here in chicken-soup. It is also used in sopa seca, which is a kind of side-dish. In US, this ingredient refers to pasta that is found in a dish called Rice-A-Roni, which is rice and pasta dish in pilaf style.

Popular Vermicelli Recipes

Vermicelli Upma Recipe

This dish is very popular among various Indian recipes. In this vermicelli recipe, vegetables like onions, tomatoes, potatoes, chillies, ginger and carrots are collected together and chopped into tiny pieces. Urad daal, chana daal, curry leaves and mustard seeds are added in the frying pan containing hot oil. Cashewnuts and peanuts are added after a minute. All the ingredients are fried until golden brown. All the chopped vegetables are added and cooked properly. Salt is added, the mixture is stirred and water is added after that. Vermicelli, or in other words thin spaghetti, is added to the mixture when the water starts boiling and stirred well, so that lumps are not formed. The upma is allowed to cook and ghee is added and mixed properly. The upma is served with chutney (coconut chutney is preferred).

Vermicelli Pudding Recipe

This dish is known by the term seviyan kheer in India, and is very famous among the vermicelli recipes. Vermicelli is poured in a pan containing hot ghee and fried until golden brown. On another stove, the milk is boiled and the fried golden brown thin spaghetti is poured in boiling milk. The mix is allowed to boil until the ingredient gets cooked. After that, sugar is added and stirred well. Saffron and cardamom powder are added thereafter. The pudding is boiled for a few minutes on low flame. It is then garnished with cashewnuts and removed from flame. The dish can be served either cold or hot.