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Rice Vermicelli

Rice Vermicelli is a type of rice noodle. It is used widely in Asian cuisines like China, India and Japan. The vermicelli is available packaged and often roasted for extra flavor. They are used in soups, sweets, salads and main courses. In India and Pakistan they are also known as sevai. Rice vermicelli cooks like any other noodle and particularly while making sweets it is added directly in milk and cooked.

Popular Rice Vermicelli Dishes
Sevaiya is very famous rice vermicelli sweet made by Muslims all over the world for Eid. In Taiwan, rice vermicelli is fried and served with meat and vegetables. Mohinga is a dish of rice vermicelli served with fish and curry. Satay bee hoon a dish in Singapore consists of rice vermicelli being served with a peanut sauce.