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Pasta Balls

Pasta balls, as the name suggests, are balls prepared by using pasta as one of the main ingredients. These balls are small in shape and are commonly eaten as appetizers. Crunchy from outside but soft and mushy from within, these balls are commonly prepared in all cuisines. Steaming, baking or frying are some of the methods involved in cooking pasta balls.

Preparation Analysis

Pasta balls are easy to prepare and usually make use of boiled pasta, milk, chilies, coriander, salt and cheese. Flour is heated along with milk and other ingredients are added to it to make a soft and creamy batter. Once prepared, it is shaped into balls and rolled lightly in bread crumb mixture. The prepared balls are then fried or baked as per choice.

Pasta balls are also prepared in curry where the curry is prepared by using soy sauce and tomato ketchup or is flavored with garlic and ginger.


Dry pasta balls are usually served warm along with ketchup or dip of choice. These balls also taste well when served along with salads and crusty breads.

Pasta ball in sauce are usually served hot along with noodles or rice or breads.

Popular Recipe Variations

  • Pasta tofu ball – Considered to be a vegetarian’s delight, these balls are prepared by mixing crushed tofu along with regular ingredients. Pasta tofu balls make an interesting party food and are served warm with spicy dips.
  • Pasta meat ball – These balls are cooked by mixing boiled pasta with minced meat and are commonly served dipped in hot sauces along with crusty breads.
  • Spinach pasta ball – It is one of the popular variations of pasta ball which makes use of spinach along with pasta as one of the main ingredients.