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Corn Pasta

Corn pasta is a pasta dish consisting of corn as one of the main ingredients, which is in the cooked form in a sauce containing various other ingredients like olive oil, garlic, onions, tomatoes, seasonings and flavoring herbs. The corn may be cooked by boiling or sautéing for inclusion in the dish. The dish is prepared by tossing together cooked pasta and this sauce, and is served as a starter, side or main dish, often with a garnish of grated cheese. It may include additional ingredients to make variations such as Zucchini Corn Pasta and Chicken Corn Pasta.

Another connotation of the term 'corn pasta' is a type of pasta that is made of corn flour, which is a high protein alternative to wheat pasta, especially for people with gluten allergies as it is gluten-free.

Method of Preparation of Corn Pasta

Ingredients: Corn kernels, pasta of any kind, olive oil, garlic, onions, tomatoes, cheese, salt, pepper and basil are the commonly suggested ingredients by the corn pasta recipe. Ingredients such as milk, flour, butter, cream, cottage cheese and chili peppers are also included in many recipes.

Cooking Corn Kernels: Corn kernels can be boiled in salted water before inclusion in the dish, or else sautéed in heated olive oil and then cooked in the pasta sauce by simmering. They may also simply be added to the sauce during preparation, and cooked directly in the sauce.

Method of Preparation

To prepare the dish, a sauce is prepared by sautéing garlic and onions in heated olive oil, after which tomatoes are added in and the sauce is cooked. Corn kernels which have been cooked till al dente in salted boiling water are added to the sauce, and seasonings are adjusted. Chopped basil leaves may also be added. The pasta is cooked till tender yet firm and then drained and tossed with this sauce to make the dish.

Serving Suggestions

Corn pasta can be served hot as a starter, side or main dish. It may be served with accompaniments like garlic bread and salad, and garnished with grated cheese.

Corn Pasta Recipe Variations

  • Corn and Zucchini Pasta: This is made by inclusion of zucchini in the dish, which is cooked in heated olive oil along with garlic, onion and corn, followed by addition of tomatoes. The sauce is cooked by simmering and then tossed with cooked pasta.
  • Chicken Corn Pasta: Chicken breasts, which have been cooked in heated oil till their pinkness has gone, are included in this corn pasta.

Another Connotation of Corn Pasta

The term corn pasta is also commonly referred to a type of pasta made with ground corn. It is a gluten free alternative to wheat pasta, and also a nutritious and tasty version. To prepare it, corn flour is blended with water to make dough, which is cut in desired shapes to make the pasta. It is made in many types of shapes such as linguine and corn elbows. It is creamy white or yellow in color, and can contain additional flavoring ingredients like peppers or spinach. Being free of gluten, it may easily become mushy during the cooking process, and hence needs to be cooked with grater care to prevent over-cooking. It can be used as an ingredient for gluten free recipes for pasta dishes. It is not suitable for making soups as it easily falls apart with excess moisture.