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Homemade Pasta

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1) Pour your flour in the middle of your counter. .Create a well in the middle of the flour.
2) Crack your eggs, and place in the middle of the well. Add the olive oil to the eggs and season the flour with salt.
3) Using a fork, whisk your eggs and olive together until it’s a uniform consistency. Once everything is whisked together slowly start to incorporate the flour with your fork.
4) Once the dough is made allow it to rest for 20-25 minutes.
5) Cut the dough into quarters. Dredge one of the quarters in extra flour. Get out your pasta roller. Flatten the dough into a pancake and run once through the thickest setting. Add more flour
to both sides so it doesn’t stick to the roller and go again through the widest setting. Fold the dough in half, on top of itself, and go once more through the widest setting.
6) Once you’ve gone through the thickest setting 3 times, move the settings one set thinner. Roll the pasta through it twice. Flour both sides if the dough gets sticky. Go through each setting twice.
7) When the pasta is thin enough, cut the dough into the length you want your pasta to be. Next roll through the desired shape you want.
8) Finally, when the pasta is cut, add to your boiling water and let cook approximately for 2 minutes or until it floats to the top.

9) Toss the noodles with your favorite sauce and serve!

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Bit Difficult
Lacto Ovo Vegetarian
If you’re curious to know how pasta is made from scratch, then do watch the video. The Chef shows right from making the dough to cooking the pasta. Many people think it’s quite difficult to make pasta at home but actually it’s very easy.

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Homemade Pasta Recipe Video