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Sourdough Pancake

A sourdough pancake is made from sourdough which has many nutritious values. Pancakes act as a tasty and complete breakfast meal. Sourdough gives the dish a flavored aspect as compared to any other baked delicacy. It also helps in reducing phytates in the food. How to make a sourdough pancake is not something that somebody has to wonder any longer. The main ingredient is the sourdough starter. The sourdough starter is prepared from mixing a small quantity of wheat flour with water that is three times the amount of the flour and keeping it soaked overnight in order to let it ferment so that the sour taste can come. The remaining ingredients can be mixed along with the batter before starting the frying process. There are a number of sourdough recipes that can be tried and one such variation is the blueberry sourdough pancake. Apples and banana can also be added to the batter to make a new flavored pancake. This sourdough pancake can be served with whipped cream, cut fruits topping or maple syrup.