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Delhi 6 - Paradise for foodies

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For food, my favourite place in India is Delhi-6 or Dilli-6 in Hindi. For those who don’t know, the ‘6’ in Delhi-6 denotes the pincode/zipcode of the area. It’s actually, Delhi – 110006. No other part of the city is referred to like this. There is no Delhi-1 or Delhi-36 in common lingo, and that’s because this part of the city (also called ‘The Walled City’) has a life and culture of its own.


The walled city has Chandni Chowk (right opposite is the Lal Qila or the Red Fort), Jama Masjid or Mosque, Ram Lila Grounds, Balli Maran (Mirza Ghalib’s residence), and for food lovers, there’s Parathe Wali Gali (a whole street selling only parathas)- legend has it that Bollywood’s first superstar, Rajesh Khanna, would at times, on a film set in Mumbai, insist on parathas from Parathe Wali Gali. The crew would have someone fly down from Delhi to deliver his meal! Talk about home delivery!


Chandni Chowk has the best vegetarian street food (snack) in India. Chhole Bhature, Gol Gappa, Dahi Bhalla, Chaat, Tikki and even Pav Bhaji (a Mumbai special) – go anywhere in the world, they usually don’t get better than this. Incidentally, a portion of the film, Delhi-6, has almost the same footage as that in my blog and video.




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The lane opposite Jama Masjid has the legendary Karim’s that has won several awards down the years – I haven’t had better Tandoori Roti or Mutton Barra or Tandoori Raan ANYWHERE ELSE, and scores of restaurants/dhabas/stalls, where you can gorge on all kinds of kababs, tikkas, biryanis, nihari and all that there is to authentic Mughlai cuisine. A couple of shops ahead of Karim’s is an outlet that sells the best fried chicken in the world…especially for the chutney and masala that they sprinkle on top. For sweets, there is Phirni & Shahi Tukda, to name a few.

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You’ll also see sights that you may not have witnessed anywhere else like a man selling chilled milk from a tub, and almost 800 kachauris being deep fried together in a huge kadhai!



Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is a self confessed foodie. While shooting for her film Delhi-6, she treated herself to Chhole Bhature, Dahi Bhalla and Gol Gappe from the streets, and non-vegetarian fare at Kareem’s. A suggestion for Sonam, and for anyone else living in Mumbai, if you want to get a glimpse of Jama Masjid in Mumbai, you could visit Mohammed Ali Road.




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These images look like authentic India. I have heard that areas near Red Fort have the best street food in India.
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You've heard right. as mentioned in the blog, the Delhi 6 area (i.e. the area around Red Fort and Jama Masjid) certainly has the best street food in India. You can't visit Delhi, and not go around the gullies in 'the walled city'. My favourite is the non-vegetarian fare (especially at Karim's). The USP of the place is that the recipes are all from the era of the Mughal emperors. The spices are prepared by the ladies in the house.
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Great pictures. The 'Parathe Wali Gali' sounds like a must visit spot for a foodie!
paris221966's picture
Exciting! Colorful pictures and the food looks delicious. :-)
vandana's picture
Lovely pictures. Have never been to Delhi, have however, heard a lot of the parathewali galli and now these pics with such appetising eats proves that a trip to Delhi sure is not complete without a visit to Delhi-6. So much variety. How did u like the film based on Delhi-6?
vikas.kumar's picture
Honestly, I was disappointed. Expected much more from the man who gave us Rang de Basanti. The intention was good, but the story telling fell way too short. Got some glimpses of the Delhi 6 area...very authentic. Food wise, I could only see Jalebi...missed all the kabab stalls. Some of the Ramlila Ground footage is very similar to what I shot when I was there! The movie belongs to the man of the moment- A. R. Rehman! Awesome soundtrack...especially, GENDA PHOOL- instantly catchy! The genius (I've always thought he's the best in the world...ever) finally got his due with a double Oscar today. JAI HO!
shantihhh's picture
I love the street food in Delhi and reading this and the lovely photos is making me miss the sights, the sounds, smells and wonderful food of Delhi and most of all my friends there about. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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beautiful pictures. and a very timely post too! your blogs are just amazing !
vikas.kumar's picture
A lot of my visits to Dilli 6 have been with you. Remember the kababs, burra, raan, and phirni at the end. I miss food carts here in Mumbai. 'Bade Miyan' is far and too hyped...even the 'redi wala' close to my house in Dwarka, Delhi makes better stuff than any place here...unless ofcourse one went to one of the 5 stars!
Delhi 6 - Paradise For Foodies