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How To Make Acorn Wreath

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Acorn wreathAcorns celebrate the autumn season like none other and hence make lovely wreaths to be hung in your homes during the holiday season. Be it Thanksgiving dinner or a family get together during the fall, the wreaths make for a lovely welcoming decoration on the front door. Let us see how to make one of these…










Steps to Make Acorn Wreath

  1. Get a foam wreath ready to be used as the wreath frame.                                                                                                                Acorn wreath
  2. Place this on the table and begin attaching acorns onto this.
  3. Stick the bottom part of an acorn to the wreath so that they are standing upright on it.
  4. Stick acorns close together to form an outer ring on the foam wreath.
  5. Stick another layer inner to this ring.
  6. A layer inner to this layer of acorns can be stuck to form a three-layered wreath.
  7. Continue to stick acorns to cover the entire foam wreath.






Ideas for Decorating Acorn Wreath

  • Acorn wreathStick a raffia bow at the bottom or top of the acorn wreath.
  • Acorns can be colored in bright hues prior to sticking them for a colorful wreath.
  • A plaid bow made of bright colored ribbons can be stuck for more color.
  • Sprinkle glitter over the wreath.








Acorn wreaths are easy to make and the chore can be handled by older children with a little bit of supervision.


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How To Make Acorn Wreath