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How To Make Orange Wreath

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Orange wreathWreaths with a pleasant fragrance are particularly welcoming. An orange wreath would fit the bill perfectly since  it emanates a fresh scent apart from imparting a bright hue when hung on the walls of your homes. Dried, sliced oranges are the most commonly used  for making wreaths, however, whole oranges can also be used for their citrusy aroma. Let us see how…









Steps to Make Dried Orange Wreath

  1. Use a vine wreath or wire wreath as a wreath frame. Twist some wire on top to make a hook to hang the wreath when done.Orange wreath
  2. Get some long cut strands of raffia and fix these on the wreath frame. If desired these can be wound in bows.
  3. Spanish moss can be stick on to the wreath frame or grapevine wreath in small clumps.
  4. Cut oranges into slices and dry them. Oranges can be dried using a vegetable dehydrator.
  5. Arrange dried orange slices around the wreath and glue it on.
  6. Cinnamon sticks and berry sprigs too can be glued on between the orange slices.
  7. Allow wreath to dry for about an hour prior to hanging it on the door or wall.




Instructions for Making Whole Orange Wreath

  1. Orange wreathWipe dry oranges well.
  2. Using a nail, pierce oranges right through.
  3. Insert a florist wire through this hole.
  4. In a similar fashion, thread more oranges onto the wire and fix them on the wire using tape.
  5. Bring the wire ends together and twist it.
  6. Decorate with sprigs of vines, tendrils, dried flowers etc.








Ideas for Decorating Orange Wreaths

  • Pine cones, acorns, apples etc can be added to the wreath.
  • A plaid bow on top, bottom, or on the side can add panache to the natural decoration.
  • Alternate lemons and oranges for a citrusy feel.


Orange wreaths are very easy to make and are long lasting too. When are you making yours?


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How To Make Orange Wreath