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How To Make Egg Wreath

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Egg wreathEaster is the best time to make colorful egg wreaths. Both older as well as smaller children can take part in the exercise and come up with lovely looking wreaths to decorate their rooms and homes. Younger children would be better off making their wreaths with artificial eggs while older children can be allowed to use the real ones.  So, let us get the eggs and begin making the wreath






Steps to Make Egg Wreath using Real Eggs

  1. Collect the eggs that would be required. Make a small hole and empty the raw egg into a bowl. For this make another hole on theEgg wreath opposite side and blow out the yolk and whites.
  2. If desired, the eggs can be colored to make the wreath more brighter.
  3. Using a metal wire, thread the eggs through the holes.
  4. Once threaded, hold the eggs in place using masking tape.
  5. Bring the ends of the wire together and tie the ends to form a ring of eggs.
  6. Once done, decorate as desired.












Steps to Make Egg Wreath using Artificial Eggs

  1. 557730-how-to-make-egg-wreath.egg-wreath-for-easterPlastic eggs have to be bought from the market, along with a cardboard wreath and some glue.
  2. Glue colorful eggs on the base wreath.
  3. Decorate with shredded paper, beads, vines etc.














Ideas for Decorating Egg Wreaths

  • Alternated brown and white eggs with each other for a rustic look.
  • Stick green floss on the cardboard wreath and on this glue on the eggs.
  • A big bow on top or bottom of the wreath would add that extra class.


Egg wreaths are a mandatory decoration for Easter and what better time than now to begin preparing.


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How To Make Egg Wreath