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How To Make Wheat Wreath

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wheat wreathWreaths made of wheat have a natural, serene, and earthy charm that is simply irresistible. A walk down the street during the holiday season would entertain you with doors, gates, walls, windows trimmed with wreaths made of natural materials like grapes, corn, lavender, sunflower, etc. This blog talks about making a wheat wreath.  They are symbols of wealth and bounty. Let us see how to make one…









Steps to Make Wheat Wreath

  1. You can begin with a vine wreath or a base wreath made of wires.                                                                                                 Wheat wreath
  2. Bind bunches of wheat stems together. Florist wire can be used for tying the bunches.
  3. Place the bunches around the base wreath and once the arrangement is finalized, tie them to the wreath using florist wire.
  4. Cover the whole wreath with bunches of wheat.
  5. Decorate as desired.












Ideas for Decorating Wheat Wreath

  • wheat wreathA blue or green colored ribbon can be tied to the bottom of the wreath.
  • Wheat wreath can be decorated with brightly colored sunflowers or other dried flowers.
  • Mix berry vines with wheat bunches for a bright ensemble.










A wheat wreath is the best form of expressing thanks for the many blessings the family has enjoyed over the years.


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How To Make Wheat Wreath