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How To Make Rice Wreath

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Rice wreathPut your creative cap on and get the kids to enjoy making a rice wreath this holiday season. The wreaths are excellent holiday crafts that can be made using materials available at home. The preparation does not take much time and the kids would be kept busy for some time, giving you an opportunity to spend time quietly. Read on for instructions so that you can guide the kids easily…








Steps to Make Rice Wreath

  1. You would need some green food coloring and some glue.                                                                                                Rice wreath
  2. Mix the color and glue together in a glass bowl.
  3. Take about ½ cup of uncooked rice.
  4. Add the rice into the bowl containing color-glue mixture.
  5. Mix well to coat rice with color and glue.
  6. Take the sticky rice mixture and place on the lid of the bowl or container.
  7. Shape the rice into a circular wreath with a hole at the center.
  8. Insert a paper clip or hairpin on the wreath. This would help in hanging it after drying.
  9. Dry rice wreath overnight.
  10. Once dried, take wreath off the lid.
  11. Rice wreath can be decorated as desired.


Ideas to Decorate Rice Wreath

  • Red beads can be stuck on to the green colored wreath.
  • Gold glitter can be sprinkled onto the wreath.
  • A bow can be stuck at the bottom or top of the wreath.


Making a rice wreath is a fun way to prepare for the holiday season.


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How To Make Rice Wreath