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How To Make Sunflower Wreath

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Sunflower wreathPeople who indulge in the annual wreath making ritual would definitely understand, when I claim that sunflowers are the best candidates where wreaths are concerned. They are so uni-seasonal that they make bright summer wreaths and can also be used to make variegated fall wreaths. Bright yellow colored, sunflowers adorn doors during late summers announcing that bright sunshine and warm weather is here. At the same time, the orange, blushed sunflower petals quietly indicate the colorful weather that would encompass the environment in autumn. Let us see how to make these delightful decorations with ease…





Steps to Make Sunflower Wreath

  1. Make a wreath of vines. This is the base wreath or wreath frame on which we will work.
  2. Wrap vine tendrils and some fall leaves around the wreath. Tie them using florist wire.
  3. Arrange sunflowers on this around the wreath and once the places are fixed, use a glue gun to attach them to the wreath.
  4. Berry vines can also be used for decorating and giving the wreath a natural look.


Watch the video to make a lovely fall wreath using sunflowers and leaves:



Ideas for making Sunflower Wreath

  • Sunflowers are yellow or orange in color. Some green colored vines or tendrils would look good on the wreath.
  • A yellow colored plaid bow would look marvelous on a wreath featuring sunflowers.
  • Alternate, sunflowers and apples to make a complete autumn wreath.


Sunflower wreaths hung on the door are attractive are inviting. How about making one for your door?


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How To Make Sunflower Wreath