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How To Serve Tea On Chinese New Year

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Serve tea for Chinese New Year Serving of tea to seniors in the family by the younger generation marks the beginning of the first day of the Chinese New Year. There are certain etiquettes that are followed for offering tea on this day. Serving of tea is a traditional practice of the Chinese during festivities. Let us learn how this is done during the Chinese New Year.




Tea Etiquette for Chinese New Year

  1. Tea should be served the first thing in the morning.
  2. Younger people should serve the older members of the family. Son/daughter would serve the parents.
  3. If there are more than two generations living in the same house, the grandchildren should first serve the grandparents and onlyServe tea on Chinese New Year then offer tea to their parents.
  4. Among siblings, the eldest children can offer tea first.
  5. The teacup handle should be on the left side of the offerer and right side of the receiver, considering that the receiver’s dominant hand is the right one.
  6. The person who offers should hold the sauce with both hands and the receiver should accept by holding the saucer by one hand and the cup handle by the other hand.
  7. The well wishes for the New Year has to be said when the receiver sips the tea.
  8. He/she reciprocates by handing over a red colored packet containing auspicious wishes and gift for the offerer.


Second Offerers and Serving Tea on Chinese New Year

  1. Tea on Chinese New YearMore than one person may offer the receiver tea, in this case, the receiver’s cup is filled with fresh tea, and a new cup is not offered.
  2. The cup should be resting on the tea table in front, and the offerer needs to pour tea in this, with one hand holding the teapot lid and the other the teapot handle.
  3. Once tea has been poured, place teapot on table, and hand over the tea as mentioned in the above section.


Additions and Selections of Tea for Chinese New Year

Candied fruits and vegetables can be placed at the bottom of teacup prior to pouring inChinese tea the tea. These are considered to be auspicious for the New Year. The choice of tea is usually black or oolong. These mix well with the additions. The tea is made with a lower tea to water ratio and longer steeping time for pronounced taste.









Serve tea on the Chinese New Year and usher in a year of prosperity and happiness.


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How To Serve Tea On Chinese New Year