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How To Make Olive Wreath

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Olive wreathUniversally recognized as the symbol of peace as well as the Olympic Games, olive branches are ideal candidates for a holiday wreath to adorn your front door or to be given as a gift this year. With 2012 being the year of Olympic Games, the significance of these wreaths cannot be undermined. The wreath adorns the medals that are awarded at present. Read on  to learn how to make wreaths with olive branches…









Steps to make Olive Wreath

  1. Some vines are necessary to make the wreath base to which the olive branches or twigs can be attached. Therefore, for this, weOlive wreath can use grape vine clippings or any other that are available.
  2. Fold the vines over each other to form a circle of desired size.
  3. Tie the overlapping ends with florist wires. Make sure that they are secure.
  4. Cut long twigs of olive leaves and bunch them together.
  5. Tie them on the vine wreath using metal wires (florist wire).
  6. Continue to tie bunches of olive branches on the wreath to cover it completely.







Watch the video to learn more on how to make holiday wreaths:


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Ideas to Decorate Olive Wreath

  • The wreaths of olive are much appreciated for their simplicity and natural look. They dry to a beautiful silvery green hue over time.
  • Some dry flowers and olives hanging from the wreath would be quite attractive.
  • Olive leaves can be alternated with eucalyptus leaves or rosemary on the wreath.
  • A ribbon on the wreath would make it look very classy and elegant.


Olive wreaths are very easy to make and can be decorated according to individual tastes. So, this holiday try your hand at making one of these!


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How To Make Olive Wreath