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How To Make Corn Wreath

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Corn wreathCorn is a favorite where vegetable wreaths are concerned and rightly so.Adorn your front door with this particular natural wreath this autumn. They come in various earthy colors and the silk and husk makes them ideal for larger wreaths. Making a  wreath with Indian corn can be fun. Read on for instructions on how to make it successfully.







Steps to make Corn Wreath

  1. To begin with, we need a wreath base. This can be bought from the market whereCorn wreath wire wreath bases of all sizes are available. Alternately, Styrofoam plate rims can be cut and wrapped to make good, strong wreath base. A grape vine wreath can be used a base and decorated with corn.
  2. Pull back the husk from one side and fold this over the base wreath at one place.
  3. Using florist wires, tie the corn in place.
  4. Continue to place corn adjacent to ones tied and complete the wreath.
  5. Make sure to tuck in the florist wires behind the base wreath.
  6. Use the wire ends to attach dry flowers and other decorations securely on the wreath.
  7. If there are spaces in between, use glue to stick more corn onto the wreath.


Watch the video to learn how to make Indian corn wreath using Styrofoam plate base and individual corn kernels…

Ideas for Decorating Corn Wreath

  • Place corn kernels and flowers around the wreath. Look at places where they would fit in. Place corn evenly around the wreath.
  • Spray the wreath with acrylic paint. This would increase the shelf life of the corn wreath.
  • Strawberry sweet corn is red in color and can be used for making very attractive corn wreaths this autumn.


Indian corn is irresistible to many and come fall  most of us indulge in it. Making a corn wreath would be really worthwhile if you have corn to spare. Try it!


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How To Make Corn Wreath